Workshops for children and teens

Workshops are a great way of learning new techniques and ways of dealing with a specific issue without feeling “different”. For example; everyone attending a “confidence” workshop will be struggling with their confidence to some extent. It’s helpful to know you aren’t the only one dealing with that issue.

Sadly workshops are on hold for the time being due to Covid-19. However please keep checking this page as workshops will be organised as soon as we are allowed.

Examples of these workshops are:

Building confidence – Learn to believe in yourself & understand how your thoughts and self-talk affects your confidence. We use NLP techniques to build self-confidence and put you back in control of your state. We also look at goal-setting and your belief system.

Communication Skills – we look at the NLP Communication Model to show how what you are thinking, the words you use and what your body is doing all works together to give you the response you get from others. We also look at building rapport, body language and how to see things from another person’s perspective.

Mind, Brain, Mindset, Perception

Overcoming anxiety – We look at reframing our negative thoughts into more positive ones, work out what is causing the anxiety & learn how to change emotions around it. We also look at anchoring, breathing techniques and physiology. We will also talk about when feeling anxious is normal and helpful.