Feb 18 2021

Why is there a sullen, stand-offish, lanky human grunting in response to me where my happy, loving, cute and communicative child once stood? 😱 As a Mum to a teenager I am sure I am experiencing the same challenges as many of you are facing too. You are[…]

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Jan 25 2021

Wow! I’m sure I’m not alone in finding parenting harder these days. My children are 11 and 14 years so I feel very lucky that their school is providing live virtual lessons for most of the school day, but, I’m still feeling frustrated by the constant moaning about[…]

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Jan 7 2021

Let’s talk about how you can turn the things that make you feel uncomfortable, into things that are just naturally normal everyday things! In my therapy clinic in Bath, we often hear from young people who have difficulties in transitioning from a world where your parents take a[…]

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